In accordance with the company development strategy, CHEMET has added to its current offer stationary and transportable cryogenic tanks for atmospheric gases and LNG.

Due to the diversification of natural gas supplies, the expected steady growth in demand for LNG in Europe forces the development of infrastructure, and thus, the production of new, cryogenic tanks, tankers, intermodal ISO containers and eventually cryogenic tank car tanks. The demand for new installations of atmospheric gases has substantially increased in various branches of industry and agriculture.

In co-operation with the Cracow University of Technology, we designed and implemented for production a series of ISO-tank containers for the transportation of cryogenic gases. The project, regarded as innovative on the national level, was partially funded by the Federation of Engineering Associations.

The success of the first project has stimulated us to begin a new project, scheduled for 2010-2013 and subsidized by the EU funds and NOT (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations), whose aim is to design a line of stationary cryogenic tanks ranging from 5 m3 to 60 m3, with advanced vacuum insulation layer system.


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