On the basis of a series of vertical and horizontal cryogenic tanks produced by CHEMET, we added to our offer a brand-new, comprehensive product – stations for regasification of liquefied gases, such as liquefied oxygen (LOX), liquefied nitrogen (LIN), liquefied argon (LAR) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The main components of the regasification installation are:

  • Tank is equipped with complete necessary fittings together with PBU and economizer,
  • Atmospheric vaporizers,
  • Gas heater,
  • 1st-degree reduction panel,
  • Odorizing unit (only for LNG),
  • Compressed nitrogen installation for pneumatic valve drive,
  • CMIA Installation (Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation Installation).

The size of the tank and station capacity depends on the customer’s needs.


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