In addition to the LPG tanks offer, CHEMET S.A. provides a wide range of services, constantly adapts to the changing needs and requirements of customers and the market.

Installation, upgrade, repair and maintenance services

CHEMET offers a comprehensive package of services related to the proper functioning of manufactured tanks and installations.

As part of the offer we provide:

  • Complete installation of tanks in LPG installations – in cooperation with factory warehouses.
  • Technical support: tank selection, construction and installation of heating systems and autogas modules.
  • Renovations and new application of anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Refurbishment and revision of tanks with checking of fittings and periodic inspection by UDT.
  • Periodical tests of aboveground and underground tanks.
  • Upgrade of LPG tanks with construction changes.

Logistic services

The sales offer of LPG tanks is complemented by transport services.

For LPG tanks with capacities from 1800 liters to 9200 liters we provide specialized vehicles equipped with a crane for unloading, throughout the EU.

Within the framework of logistic services we also provide specialized transport of tanks from 10 m3 to 300 m3, including oversized transports and unloading operations.


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