Storage tanks for liquid propane and propane-butane gases are custom made only. In its current activity CHEMET focused on the production of aboveground, underground and pitted versions of tanks with capacities ranging from 10 to 200 m3.


LPG storage tanks are used as a storage base for heating and technological purposes as well as technological tanks in the area of bases, storages and liquid gas bottling plants.


The tanks are manufactured according to CHEMET’s own documentation or on the basis of documentation supplied by the customer – types of materials and fittings used depend on tank capacity and its application. Tanks are manufactured from carbon steel plates, coated with high quality, modern, eco-friendly and anticorrosion coating, covered by a quality and durability warranty.


Standard storage LPG tanks are equipped with the following fixtures:

  • filling valve,
  • intake valve of the gas phase,
  • pressure gauge,
  • maximum overflow valve,
  • intake valve of the liquid phase,
  • level sensor,
  • safety valve(s)

The fittings have the CE-mark.

As part of a comprehensive service, we offer the full logistics of storage tanks (i.e. loading, transport and unloading).

Download sample diagrams of standard storage tanks

32 m3

54 m3

100 m3

200 m3

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