CHEMET JSC, a European leader in design and manufacture of pressure equipment, introduces a brand-new product family of universal LPG tanks, which combine advantages of both small LPG cylinders and stationary LPG bulk tanks.

Tanks are manufactured in accordance with the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive TPED 2010/35/EC (they meet the requirements of ADR/RID, EN 14208:2004 and EN 13445) and are Π-marked.

Operational conditions: temperature: -20oC /+50°C; max. working pressure: 30 bar, capacity from 600 to 1000 liters.

Universal possibility of refueling by weight system and by volume system (tanker). Lifting and transporting of a full tank by: crane, forklift or pallet truck.


Universal LPG tanks manufactured by CHEMET SA are designed for transportation and storage of LPG and optimized for domestic applications, restaurants, small service and production shops. They are an ideal solution for the following applications:

  • cooking at home and in all types of restaurants,
  • water heating,
  • air-conditioning and refrigeration installations,
  • ecological weeds burning in agriculture,
  • additional heating systems for buildings already equipped with e.g. heating pumps, solar panels etc.,
  • other seasonal or temporary applications,
  • testing, servicing and emergency application at other LPG installations.

The wide scope of applications of the universal tanks can also be found in different installations where LPG is used merely for technological purposes, e.g.: at chicken farms, drying plants for agricultural products, production plants.


The basic design of universal tanks conforms the TPED 2010/35/EC and the harmonized standards. They are manufactured as horizontal vessels with 800 mm diameter, carbon steel plates and heads, protected by an anti-corrosive white coating.

CHEMET’s offer also includes above-ground tanks for other climatic zones and operating conditions from -40 to +50 ° C and operating pressure up to 20 bar.

Catalog cards for LPG modules with above-ground and underground tanks

Download technical data for above-ground tanks with a diameter of 1250 mm

Technical Data Sheet for above-ground tanks with a diameter of 1250 mm

Guidelines for the foundation of LPG tanks

Technical data for download for above-ground tanks with a diameter of 1000 mm (max. Operating pressure 20 bar)

Technical data sheet for above-ground tanks with a diameter of 1000 mm

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