Railway tank V=125m³

The wagon is intended for the transport of butadiene and heavy hydrocarbon gases (belonging to the hazardous category cat. 2 according to RID regulations). The design complies with the current Technical Specifications for Interoperability – TSI-WAG and related UIC cards, it also meets the requirements of international regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by rail – RID.

The wagon has the GE mark according to TSI-WAG and can move unrestrictedly on all European standard gauge railway lines.

The tank with a capacity of 125m3 and code P11BH allows the transport of the following media:

  • stabilized butadienes,
  • butadienes and hydrocarbons, stabilized mixture,
  • butane,
  • butenes,
  • but-1-en,
  • cis-but-2-ene,
  • trans-but-2-ene,
  • dimethylamine anhydrous,
  • ethylamine,
  • ethyl methyl ether,
  • isobuten,
  • anhydrous methylamine
  • anhydrous trimethylamine,
  • stabilized vinyl chloride,
  • gaseous hydrocarbons, liquefied mixture – mixture A,
  • isobutane,
  • stabilized methyl vinyl ether.

Railway tank V=125m3


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