Horizontal tanks are designed for use in a horizontal position.

Additionally, they can be provided with pallets for handling by a forklift truck or suspended in frames.

The basic types of horizontal tanks are:

  • Tanks up to 33 bar test pressure for such media as UN1017 chlorine Cl2, UN1079 sulfur dioxide SO2, UN2073 NH3 ammonia and many others,
  • Tanks with test pressure up to 51 bar for such media as UN1053 sulfur dioxide SO2, refrigerants UN3159 R134a, UN1018 R22, UN3337 R404A, UN3252 R32, UN3161 R1234yf and many others,
  • 70 bar test tanks for media such as UN1048 HBr hydrogen bromide, UN1080 SF6 sulfur hexafluoride and many others.
  • Tanks with test pressure up to 150 bar for such media as UN1022 R13, UN1050 hydrogen chloride HCl and many others.
  • Tanks with a test pressure of 200 bar for media such as UN1013 carbon dioxide CO2, UN1070 nitric oxide NO, UN1982 tetrafluoromethane R14, UN1984 trifluoromethane R23 and many others
  • the climate zone has no effect on the test pressure, this regulates the ADR and the pressure is constant

In the case of a demand for a different type of tank, CHEMET offers preparation of documentation by its construction and design office, for specific customer inquiries.


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