Due to a growing number of fuel crises, emerging from the 1970s, it has become necessary to seek alternative energy sources. At the beginning of the 1980s, liquefied propane and propane-butane gases (LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas) started to play an important part in diffusing this problem.

Cost advantages and gas high calorific value have caused that it is currently one of the primary fuels used for heating and technological purposes. In some European countries like Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, it is also used as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles (so-called “autogas”).

Extremely dynamic growth of demand for liquefied petroleum gas as an energy source contributed to the increase in demand for LPG pressure vessels of a wide capacity and type range, depending on tank application. At the end of 1980s, CHEMET launched serial production of above- and underground LPG tanks (mainly for heating purposes) to Germany and Benelux countries.

In 1992, the Company also began to supply LPG tanks to the Polish market – both for heating and autogas sector.

With every year, CHEMET also develops its scope of services, ranging from warranty and post-warranty services for the tank regenerations and ending with the delivery and assembly of complete modules of LPG filling stations.

Please be advised that LPG tanks have been improved due to the possibility of using in the production of flanges for pressure tanks of a modern machining center (read here).


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